Work package 7: Co-production of knowledge and practical solutions together with stakeholders

The project aims at results that have an effect on societal decision making. Hence, it is crucial to involve all relevant stakeholders that can influence forest use in Finland and promote sustainable solutions also abroad.

WP 7 is responsible for interaction, cooperation and communications, and assists other WPs in:

  • Recognizing relevant stakeholders that might be interested in different project phases and results
  • Recognizing possibilities for co-production and co-creation
  • Organizing meetings, workshops, seminars and other events for cooperation
  • Executing questionnaires, interviews and other data collection
  • Communicating in many ways (through internet, Twitter, press releases, policy briefs, news pieces etc.)

There are several stakeholder groups and organizations that are involved in forest use, METSO program and land use:

  • Forest owners
  • Experts in forest policy and forest biodiversity, including METSO program stakeholders
  • Regional councils and other land use planners
  • Stakeholders interested in Earth Observation techniques
  • Businesses interested in environmental responsibility
  • Researchers focusing on forest biodiversity and ecosystem services, both in Finland and abroad
  • Decision makers

If you are interested in IBC-Carbon or the interaction within the project, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Minna Pekkonen
Interaction manager

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Published 2018-06-27 at 8:53, updated 2020-03-05 at 10:31
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