haapoja Evolla
Aspen increases biodiversity in forests 2020-06-15
European aspen is a key species in boreal forests. However, little detailed data are available on the occurrence, abundance and temporal dynamics of aspen in Northern Europe. The researchers of the IBC-Carbon project mapped what research-based data already exist on the significance of aspen as a part of forest ecosystems and what essential information is still missing.
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Resident bird species decrease as loggings increase 2020-04-22
The population changes of resident boreal forest birds, i.e. bird species overwintering in Finland, were compared between two periods differing in logging volume. According to this study, the significance of the extent of the protected area network to resident bird species increases as logging intensifies.
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Large local temperature variation decelerates the decline of northern forest bird species as the climate warms 2020-02-14
Northern forest bird species have declined due to the warming climate. According to a recent study, the local climates of protected areas can act as buffer against the decline in northern forest bird species as the climate warms.
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Talvinen metsä
Workshop presentations on Novel Earth Observation techniques for Biodiversity Monitoring and Research 2018-05-30
IBC-Carbon project organized in May 2018 an event that included 56 people from different stakeholders and co-operation projects. Novel EO techniques were widely discussed among the audience and the workshop was found very useful.
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The first Finnish GEO-meeting 2018-05-24
Approximately 30 experts working on Geographical Information Systems and Earth Observation techniques met in the Finnish Environment Institute. Presentations handled issues from the newest technology development to the application needs of the end-users.
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